Clever Storage Solutions

For some people, there is no greater eyesore than misplaced ballpoint pens and paper clips as well as files thrown in a pile. Pairs of shoes which lie around the house, and tangled scarves, belts, and ties may also be irksome for many. Indeed, messy desks and cluttered rooms can be so overwhelming. But the good thing is that no desk is ever too unmanageable, and no room is ever too disorderly for the creative mind. Outside-the-box thinking is essential to giving a room its fresh and organized look; hence no matter how small a room, desk or closet is, things will fit with creative design ideas. This article will present interior design storage tips to achieve the organized space that one has been longing for a long time.

Living in a spacious room with less stuff admittedly sounds appealing. Thus, if one is determined to have a new take to his room, letting go should be of utmost priority. Consider donating those clothes that don’t fit anymore, stuffed toys that have long been sitting in the corner of the room, and other items that are no longer needed. These are just wasting space, gathering dust, and hence should be let go of.


Organize small items like school and office supplies and other tools in a chest of drawers to keep them from getting lost. To avoid mixing up or forgetting about the contents of these drawers, label them and be creative with the labels. A variety of ideas may be employed when labeling, such as cutting out letters and gluing them on art paper, or printing colorful labels or pictures of what is actually inside the drawers. Planning on how to label the chest will not only bring out one’s creativity, but it will also be a fun way to bond with the kids or roommates.

Those items which are needed on a daily basis should be organized on open shelves or trays for easy access. There is no need to be expensive here; one can simply create do-it-yourself trays from cardboard boxes and be as creative as possible. Try either painting some old trays, or covering shoe boxes with pictures of one’s favorite artist. If one isn’t tight on budget, it would also be wise to invest on cabinets with adjustable shelves, for these allow customization as one’s storage needs are expected to change through time. One may also consider installing corner shelves to save on space while at the same time providing room to store other items.

Make wise use of empty spaces and blank walls. Clear your sight of items which are rarely used and place them in storage boxes under the bed. Instead of placing family photos and certificates on table tops, opt for hanging these on the wall to free up limited space. Consider also placing hooks to organize bags, scarves, belts, ties and other accessories, which are a great source of clutter in the bedroom.

To sustain the orderliness of a space, one should avoid placing a variety of items on a single shelf or drawer. Instead, assign discrete compartments for specific items and always practice returning these items to their designated spaces immediately after use.